Monday, June 6, 2011

I said I slacking..

For a year. Thats slacking right? Not a complete blow off and forgetting to blog at all. Hmmm.

At any rate we continue to groove along here. Crytp Keeper is again playing football, not that he ever stopped. The Drama Queen and her sister are still a source of amusement, frustration, and the occasional need for a drink.

Drama Queen had chicken pox this past spring. Her sister did not. Turned out I got her sister the shot. I did not do that for the Drama Queen. Gee I guess I must like the Littles Princess more? :) However she was very good about it, and only picked off all the scabs EWWWWW once.

I recently finished as ASM on Princess Ida, a Gilbert and Sullivan play. One actor shredded his costume crawling in it, but luckily I had enough red fabric to make a new one that night. Also I took over props because the props mistress was in the chorus (aka busy much?) and the other ASm couldn't seem to wrap his head around the whole props world. Well of course not, it involves finding stuff and putting it back in its proper place each time it gets used. That is not a man thing.;D

Currently there is a Sherlock/Watson obssession going on. I am planning to buy underwear for my bff (which I do every summer) and stencil "WATSON" across the butt along with a little mustache. (A stencilled one, not a real one..that would be odd on underwear)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Alright I admit it, I'm slacking again. Too much life getting in the way of blogging. The girls have new bunk beds...well...they're in the box still but they are there, and finally have mattress for them.

My own mother freaked out on me over the clutter in my home (Yes I know its there, Its my sewing, his leather work, our books and the girls everything) Anyway she went off, pulled a classic guilt trip, then decided to return each Friday since to organize things to her satisfaction. On one hand I'm glad to have the help... on the other...well. It'll be nice when its all done.

Did I mention this started because she was watching my girls while the Crypt Keeper and I attended his Gram's funeral? Yeah, not a nice day to be told off but whatever.

We lost Gram. She taught CK and his many cousins to "pick eggs". (Chicken farm)

Uh what else. We have the Faery fest craft sale this weekend. Busy sewing and stuf for that.

Ok I think thats it.






Yeah, thats it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy busy busy..

I think a disney character says that right? I want to say the White Rabbit but I don't think thats right.

Anyway. We have a deck! Yay! No more 9ft drop off the back of the house. It was supposed to take 4 days. And it did. But not in a row thanks to the ton of rain we've been blessed with. Oh did that blessed sound sarcastic? I wonder why?

Its a great deck and I'm very pleased with it. Even more pleased at the idea of going furniture shopping for it. Naturally as soon as I told her about it the next day Mum called to tell me she'd found furniture for me. Hey! Thats my fun! Anyway someone was selling this stuff pretty cheap and she'd decided it would be just want I wanted. Even though I don't really know what I want. Also, how would I get it home? Leave my kids somewhere so it would fit in the van? And would it even fit anyway?

In other news, we're hoping to rent a cottage for a week on Long Point Beach. This involvs getting the Crypt Keeper to actually look at the cottages, dates and prices that are currently available before they are all snapped up. This is the difficult bit.

And as a public service note, when you get inspired by a friend to make a collar and you decide to torch the edges a bit (again inspired by same friend) ...


take it off before you take the lighter to it...

Monday, April 26, 2010

The foot, she is not broken.

But I do have crutches. Except I've ditched them already. Seriously, they suck more than the foot. Well, next time I'll know better than to say, "Shaughny, stop messing on the stair, you're going to fall" when I'm still on the stairs.

We did the Westfield village annual clean up on Saturday. I was still attempting the evil crutch things then. I didn't get alot done. Some dusting of artifacts and I did clean the windows in the Boot and Harness as well as a crap load of dusting in there. That place gets mucky quickly.

Well c'mon we do open the place for stuff in winter and of course the whole maple syrup thing in spring. There are a lot of hearth and woodstoves going.

My own dear Misner house is currently still airborn. Sort of. Its still getting its foundation so its raised higher than me just now. I should have taken a picture.

Milton Craft show this weekend. Baby blankets are made and I'm getting the ones from the shop back. Also made a boatload of hairbows last night. Onto superhero capes, cuffs and collars next.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The holy grail... actually a cast iron stew pot. Seriously. I have spent far too much time searching for one with little success. I have found them in antique shops but so far they've all been false grails. No lids, cracks, oversized (guess that one was to feed the 5000) or some other problem that tells me it is not the true grail and to purchase said grail would end up with some old knight claiming "She chose poorly", as I turn into dust and blow away.

A new cast iron stewpot is elusive as Bigfoot and Nessie. Hell they probably have them all which is why I can't find them. And I don't want one covered in enamel in "Fashion Colours!" I want black. Scarey, witchy, heavy black. But not scarey or witchy 'cause this is the grail right?

How am I supposed to cook on an open hearth in an 1810 Inn with Corning Ware? it just doesn't work.

I have my cast iron roll pan. I have my wooden spoon. I have my *doubles as a murder weapon* fork. Can I please get a pot?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If I see that bunny, he's stew!

Ok, I can't blame the easter bunny. I'd like to but I can't. Fact is various and sundry well meaning people, including family gave my girls enough chocolate and candies that I'm pretty sure they could power most of Canada if we could find a way to turn insanity into electricity.

And alright I didn't have the stuff properly hidden yesterday (as in, not at all) Well, its hidden now. I never again want to have to peel the Drama Queen off the ceiling. She was the worst. At least if you told Littlest Princess she couldn't have anymore candy, she'd cry and pout but NOT HAVE ANYMORE.

Drama Queen would lick the jelly beans then announce, "My germs are on it now." In defence, I ate quite a few jellybeans.

The sacrifices a mother makes.

She was spun and completely not herself, active yes, she always is but she was full on looney. Running full till around the house and even falling didn't stop her. Tears, dramatics, demands for ice and then *zooom* she was off like the Flash but without the red spandex longjohns.

Bed didn't slow her down, I'm surprised her bed is in one piece. The wall of my bedroom is not by the way. She and her nutty sister managed to bash the top of the canopy into the wall hard enough to dent the wall.

So. no more sugar. Ever as far as I'm concerned. Ok, eventually I may lighten up about that (like tomorrow) but after yesterdays visit by the Tazmainian Devil, forget it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Awaay we go....

Just me, no we. And its only to Windsor. And only till Thursday. But still! St Paddy's with me lil sis!

****Blog pause while I run a bath for my Drama Queen. She's not feeling well. The dramatics as she feels better could win her an Oscar.******

Alright done. Yes we have been a house of illness (No repute, just illness) the past few days. The Littest got it Monday. Tossed all over Daddy (giggle) who I will say was wonderful, cleaned them both off, passed her to me, cleaned her nighttable and got the pjs out of the drawer...of course that drawer was open..and then he headed off to his football game. About a half hour after my dear Crypt Keeper left I realised I did not hear the washing machine. Checked in the basement to find all the sick covered clothes and blankets lying on the floor waiting to be discovered..when? In a couple of days when I did laundry I guess? Yucko.

Crypt Keeper himself got it on Wednesday night and stayed home from work on Thursday which means either he was really sick or the world was ending.

I went out Thursday night (he was better by then, a day of Xbox does wonders for a guy) to a Funkabelly party. Good times. But driving to and through Toronto was notso fun. Lots of police, fire and EMS out that night. Often all together in one place. Sad.

So anyway the Drama Queen came down with it on Saturday night. Mummy was up alot that night. Finally knowing I had 2 hours before I had to get up and make bread for coffee hour at church I woke CK up. He dealt with her from then till I got back from church.

Drama Queen is better today. Still sore in the tum but stuff is stayingdown now knock wood.

I hope my shoes arrive today. The highest heels I've ever bought. And just because Lil Sis always has on such killer shoes. And now? She's looking for flats, she's broken her foot *again* Unbelievable. Thats twice now? And at least her 4th time on crutches. I think her feet are trying to catch up to her 5 broken arms. Seriously.